TJ Neathery is the author of short stories, articles, and a novel. 

His short stories have won scholarships to the New York Summer Writer's Institute as well as second place in the 2015 Baylor University Dorothy Scarborough Fiction Contest. He received his MFA from Oregon State University.

TJ Neathery has completed his first novel manuscript titled "Gracie Got Us Down to Texas." Told as both retrospect and confessional, the novel follows John, a hapless and uninspired twenty-something, on his rock and roll adventures. Charismatic Gracie Sky recruits him as manager of her band, Bats Adamantium, and they head down to Austin, Texas to "make it big."

Screenplays include "All the Living and the Dead," a historical fiction set during the 1916 Dublin uprising; "The Queen of the Ancient Hall," an animated feature where a young boy descends to the underworld to save his dead brother; and "Alternate Methods," a science fiction drama in which a young father uses his own son as a genetic test subject.

Publications, Recognitions & Other Literary Endeavors

Short Stories:

"Ravi S. and the Tiger" The Magnolia Review, July 2018

"No Honor in this Venture" Front Porch Review, April 2018

"Turing Test"  Amarillo Bay, April 2018

"Ice Cores" Runner up - Dorothy Scarborough Fiction Contest, 2015

"Beni's Sweater" Scholarship recipient to New York Summer Writer's Institute, 2015

Articles and Essays:

"Artist of the Week Column", 12 features, 2018

Teaching and Workshops:

224 Intro. to Fiction Writing, Oregon State University, 4 sections, 2016-2017

Creative Writing WorkshopOak Creek Correctional Facility, one week, November 2016

Rita Dove's Poetry Workshop, Everybody Reads - OSU Stone Award, Corvallis HS, 10 April 2016


Magaging Editor, Engage, 2018

Live Reading ,   Oregon State MFA Reading Series, 2015-2017  

Fiction Reader, 45th Parallel Magazine, 2015-2017 

"All the Living and the Dead" Finalist - Black Glasses Script Competition (Baylor Univeristy), 2015